Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why were my written description(s) rejected?
All written descriptions are manually read by one of the site operators.  This does take some time as we read them carefully.  Reasons for rejection can include placing any sort of contact information into your description, descriptions that are too short, or any other reason we feel the description may be questionable.  This site is made up of content.  The content is primarily provided by you, the user of the site.  When asked to describe yourself or the type of person you would like to meet, it does no good for you or a potential mate when you type something like "Ask me" or "Later".  Profiles that have a reasonable amount of content are much more likely to get a response.  Therefore, we decline any content we deem to be too little.

Why were my photo(s) rejected?
Photos should be recent, and have YOU in the picture.  In other words, if you want to show us a photo of your dog, cat, car, boat, farm, etc., make sure you are in the photo also.  You should be clearly visible in your photo.  That means if the photo is too small, too blurry, or you're wearing some sort of mask your photo will be declined.  If there are other people in the photo with you, first get their permission.  Secondly, make sure you explain which person in the photo is you.  Photos will also be rejected if any sort of contact information or other website addresses are on the photo.

How can I contact you with questions?
If your questions have not been answered here, you may e-mail us at
Please be sure to include a full description of your problem or question and include your screen name.

Where do I cancel/close my account?
To cancel your account, click "PROFILE", then click "SETTINGS."

Where do I cancel my subscription (billing)?
To stop the billing from recurring, click "PROFILE", then click "SUBSCRIPTION".

I prefer not to use PayPal, can I mail you a check or money order?

Certainly!  Make your check or money order payable to "WhatBox, LLC".  Then, send to:

WhatBox, LLC
17218 Preston Road, Suite 4100
Dallas, TX  75252

Note:  Be sure to write your screen name and on the check or money order so we can apply it to the correct account and website.